Friday, June 27, 2008

What is a Kolache??

And it isn't a medical procedure!!

Do you know what it is? All my peeps in Houston are shocked that I've never heard of it or eaten one. (Btw, I still haven't. Maybe next time!)

Viva la France (en Houston)

Earlier this week, I had a really long, long frustrating day of travel. Once I finally got to my hotel, I walked to the Galleria Mall in Houston (which comforts me up a little at the get go because they have a Neimans and a Saks) but what did my sad little eyes see???

One of my favorite GA restaurants (beside Waffle House and Krystal's, of course!)...

The only thing that was a little sad is that they didn't have any Linzer cookies - so GA people can continue to bring (or send, hint, hint!) them to me when they visit.

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Pink Plane

I saw this plane Monday in Salt Lake City and had to snap a pic for my friend Susan.
If I had a plane, of course I would paint it similar to this. I am sure most of you who know me know I would have to add HK's picture on it too!!

Anyone know anything about this plane? Is it for breast cancer awareness?

Update!! Read all about it here:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Still in Houston!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Gas is cheap in Texas

This was taken yesterday in Dallas. This is for you, Kathy!!

Drinking at HOU

Okay, since this is a work trip, I am not actually drinking alcohol but I could be drinking if I chose to...ANYWHERE in the airport. People are enjoying bottles of beer and margaritas while they are waiting to board the plane. Crazy, huh?


I am sitting in the Hobby Houston airport (they have 2 airports here in Houston, in case you didn't know!) Isn't this a cute set of water fountains?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ch ch ch cha changes...

So, I was in Florida a little under two weeks. When I got back my view had changed from my deck.Unless you are really perceptive, you may not notice it in the top picture so I zoomed in with the picture below.

Anyone have any idea why a hubcap would be in the trees???

R.I.P. iPhone

I am happy to report that I have returned my iPhone back to AT&T and exchanged it for a blackberry. I am back to getting emails right away and answering my phone because I can actually hear it ring. And "yes"my beloved blackberry does have a camera so you can continue to expect more blog posts with camera phone pics!!
The picture above is the last picture from my iPhone of a salamander in Boca Raton. They are everywhere you look!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Quack, quack...

I think these are ducks...There is a cute "lake" in the office complex of our corporate offices where I am working this week. There are ducks in the lake. As we were waiting for someone with a key to open the office this morning, my co-worker, Dana was telling me that the ducks are really tame. Wouldn't you know it, one walked right up to her as we were talking. She also said that they breed like rabbits (in case you were wondering about that!!)