Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Bee Paper

I am now all the way in FL and another Bee Newspaper appears. (Remember when I flew into FAT and found the Fresno Bee?) Anyway, I am with the family in Indian Shores, FL. More posts to follow soon...

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Hidden shelf

This post is really for Father...

Blue Man Group

I've been meaning to post this for a friend Susan and I were offered some free tickets to the Blue Man Group in Vegas from someone we work with who had bought them and couldn't go. I am posting the pictures of us with them...though they were taken with camera phone and not too good. The show was merely okay. We can't understand what the fuss is all about. The tickets were $150 each. There is NO WAY we would have paid that for the show. However, I do think that if OT (Ford) were to ever decide to be an entertainer, he should definitely consider being a blue man.

Ocean's 13 in Pasadena

Yesterday, I went to a meeting in Glendale (almost to Burbank). It is normally a 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour drive depending on traffic. I have a shortcut I take to get around the mid-town LA traffic on the 5. So, I take my shortcut and the 10 is closed! Luckily, I had my handy GPS and I went all surface streets. It took a while longer but was the prettiest drive. I drove past USCLA and Glenale College, plus many really pretty parks, lakes, etc.
After the meeting, I met a friend and we drove around and ended up shopping at an outdoor mall in Pasadena (not old town - though we did drive through there too.) Went to Sephora and MAC...Had dinner at a great restaurant where the chef cooks on a grill in front of you. I will have to find out the name. Then we saw Ocean's 13. I would say it was good, not great. It had some funny bits in it. I would watch it again on DVD or cable because of the men...for their characters, of course. Yeah, that's the tickets. :)

UPDATE: There was a road rage shooting on the 10 and it was closed for 8 hours!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Coming soon...

Strike a Pose!

I am so behind in posting. I have several posts from my last Vegas trip that I will post soon...promise.
In the meantime, thought you might want to see what Caj is up to these days.I think he is feeling better (a little fashion therapy always helps.) He wanted to make sure that you saw the cool skull on his back in crystals so he ...
struck a pose!