Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Opposite Marriage

Just to keep all of you in the know...I copied Wednesday's Word of the Day from : opposite marriage

The P.C. way to specify the legal union of a man and a woman, as made popular by Miss California at the 2009 Miss USA pageant.

MISS CALIFORNIA: "We live in a land that you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage"

After witnessing some horrible behavior by The Donald, I refuse to watch anything that he is a part of or will profit from, so I did not witness California's great representation of our state the other night in the Miss USA contest. (Although I am being slightly facetious, Prop 8 did pass so she is indeed an example of an average Californian, right?? Uuggh... And no, she's NOT from LA!) If you want to see the video or read more about the whole debacle, click the picture to be linked to the whole report.

So was this another political rant post or a post
making fun of a pageant girl who can't communicate?
(Seriously, "opposite marriage"?)
You decide.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My trees are blooming...

I love, love, love the red puffy blooms on these trees. I am so lucky and grateful to have one of these luscious trees right in front of my condo.
I think Spring is in the air...

Thanks to everyone who helped me figure out what kind of tree this is! It's a weeping bottlebrush!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Bunny Day!!

Quack, quack!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

And speaking of calendars...

For Christmas, I gave to my parents and to the Ohio Thomases each a super expensive* calendar of Long Beach that is mostly pictures taken around my part (ahem, the good part) of Long Beach. This way every month they can reminisce about me and places we've been together in the LBC.

When Scott was here, we mimicked the January picture. While my parents were here, we were able to capture March and April.
Any volunteers for future months?

JANUARY (In front of the Bayshore library - 2nd Steet - Belmont Shores)

(The day we took Scott's picture it wasn't as clear as the calendar. If you look really closely, you can see the mountains in the background.)

MARCH (Rancho Los Cerritos)

Looks like we had much better sun than the calendar photographer!!

APRIL (Hilltop Park - Signal Hill overlooking Long Beach)
Obviously, we didn't take these pictures with the calendar in mind, so the shots aren't exactly the same. Can you find the oops??

*Okay, the calendars were actually free from the Gas Company, which is funny because I haven't used gas since I've lived in the LBC. (Yes, I have electric stove and electric water heater - but I digress.) I did have to drive over 4 miles to pick them up (more like beg for them) at the Gas Company...

My two nephews love...

They LA! They love it!

Monday, April 06, 2009


When I was at my parents house, I brought back a few things from my old bedroom. One of the most important was a Jacqueline Susann book that I HAD NOT READ. For those of you who really know me (and my worship of anything Valley of the Dolls ), you must be shocked. I should have warned you to sit down first. It is her first manuscript which was published posthumously. I guess I never read it because it was her first (and sadly, only) foray into science fiction or so I thought. I am not a big fan of that genre (sorry, Tinu). So I read it and I liked it - it was still a JS novel but maybe a little less sleazy and more romance novel-ly but still good. I could definitely tell that she wrote it in the 50's. (Too bad my copy isn't new...not that I could bare to part with it...)

It has been added to my wall/shrine. Believe it or not, I still have a few things to hang there!!

Flurries for my friends in GA

Instead of complaining that it was a little warm today (high 80's), I thought I'd let my friends and family in Georgia know that every time I look at my bunny calendar this month I think of them!!
to see picture up close.)

If April showers bring May flowers,
then what do April snow flurries bring?
Just wondering...