Monday, March 24, 2008

Las Vegas landscape

This past Friday I took some pictures while driving in Las Vegas. For those of you who haven't spent much time there, the residents of Las Vegas get some kind of tax break or water price cut if they replace their lawn with rock (feel free to explain in the comments Susan!) so I took a picture of that too. (Reminder - don't forget to click the "i" in the circle to see my comments for each picture. Don't worry, there aren't many.)

Las Vegas March 08

Vincent Saint Thomas Bridge

I took some pictures in San Pedro Saturday as I was going over one of Jessica's favorite bridges. You can see the windshield in some of them. It was a beautiful day in San Pedro and I saw several large cruise ships in the port. Fun times ahead for the parental units...

Hit this picture to see some facts about VST bridge...
or HERE for a short video that I wish I took!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

World Famous Hust*er

It is a beautiful day here in Gardena, 77 degrees and sunny - sorry Jessica. As I was stopped at a traffic signal with my windows open (which is rare in Gardena!), I thought I would take a picture of the world famous Hust*er casino. Yes, I am misspelling the name on purpose so people don't link to this after doing a search for porn!

Flowers in and out

Last week, I was in Folsom, CA. I was just too tired to muster up the energy to take any pictures, which is unfortunate because there is some beautiful countryside there. To compensate. I took a picture of the newly painted wall that is by the laundry room at my condo complex. I pass by it everyday on the way to the stairs. And then I took a picture of one of the flowers right by my stairs. Exciting stuff I know but can't there be beauty in the simple things?