Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Living in Memphis

The last few months have been a flurry of activity and travel and temporary living. Since I left California in mid-January, I have been in ten states (OH, KY, TN, FL, GA, NC, SC, AL, AR, & MS) and next week I add another one – MO. I have lived in a corporate apartment and then an extended stay hotel. I have stayed on a cruise ship and many, many hotels – mostly either Holiday Inns or Hiltons, with a few alofts thrown in too.
But this week, I am moving into my home in Memphis. I don’t want to change the title of my blog because in my heart, I am still “living in Long Beach” as I really miss all my wonderful friends out there. My friend Karen is visiting to help me with the arduous task of moving and unpacking. She is here for a week and I am pretty sure it will not all be done before she is gone but she sure is helping out a LOT. We plan to take tons of pictures and I’ll post about the whole ordeal, I mean, experience soon.
But here’s a picture of the house to tide you over for now…
Wait…did you look really closely? Did you see my new little friend under the tree on the corner???