Friday, May 04, 2007

Sea Lions

We watched these seal lions for quite a while. We would have never even noticed them except for that they were SO loud. (Sound like loud honking of a duck or cow, really unusual.) We realized that we could take some steps to a lower part of the pier, where we were literally 3 to 4 feet from five or six of them napping and getting some rays. Also, we watched two circle around a small fishing boat. They would fully extend their bodies so they could try to look up into the boat. (Looking for food no doubt.) We talked to them and they would look right at us. (Tried to get a picture of this.) I have all the pictures in a flickr photo album at

Lastly, I found this video on youtube so you can hear how they sounded. (Don't listen to the whole thing. A few seconds will suffice as nothing exciting happens in video.)

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