Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ocean's 13 in Pasadena

Yesterday, I went to a meeting in Glendale (almost to Burbank). It is normally a 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour drive depending on traffic. I have a shortcut I take to get around the mid-town LA traffic on the 5. So, I take my shortcut and the 10 is closed! Luckily, I had my handy GPS and I went all surface streets. It took a while longer but was the prettiest drive. I drove past USCLA and Glenale College, plus many really pretty parks, lakes, etc.
After the meeting, I met a friend and we drove around and ended up shopping at an outdoor mall in Pasadena (not old town - though we did drive through there too.) Went to Sephora and MAC...Had dinner at a great restaurant where the chef cooks on a grill in front of you. I will have to find out the name. Then we saw Ocean's 13. I would say it was good, not great. It had some funny bits in it. I would watch it again on DVD or cable because of the men...for their characters, of course. Yeah, that's the tickets. :)

UPDATE: There was a road rage shooting on the 10 and it was closed for 8 hours!!

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