Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October's Girlfriends Dinner

Last Saturday, we had another fun Girl Friends Dinner. This time I was the host. I served mixed green salad with walnuts, cheese, and strawberries with a very calorific poppyseed dressing and cheese toast. For the main course there was campanelle pasta with choice of regular pesto or dried tomato pesto and shaved parmesan, homemade pumpkin "lasagna" (oops, I forgot the nutmeg but it was still okay) and mixed vegetables (green & yellow beans, carrots & cranberries) in a herbed butter sauce. For dessert, there was a 2 layer carrot cake with maple nut frosting (all homemade - the cake had a secret ingredient - butternut squash!) and homemade zucchini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Oh, there was also my standard appetizer of spinach dip in a rosemary olive oil bread "bowl" with raw veggies. And of course, lots of wine.

We celebrated Carolyn's upcoming birthday (and Kate brought lots of presents for my birthday since we didn't have a September dinner - thanks so much K!) Later we all headed to Blondies and took some cake to Phillip and celebrated his birthday. There we saw a human piƱata. I wish I had taken more pictures but I always seem to forget. If any of the other girls took some, I will post them later.

So for all of those concerned about my dinner, it was a success. (Oh, and a shout out to Simon and Marlisa who let me borrow their pan for my cake!)

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I swear I can smell the food through the internet-jce