Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Lights on a Small Tree

Who knew that a one foot tree could be so much trouble?? For starters, all the mini ornaments have been picked off by Stormy. So now it only has lights and garland. However, the two strands of lights are very old. Remember the kind where if one light didn't work then the whole strand would not work? Well, that's what I am dealing with. Which means that EVERY time Stormy knocks the tree over, I have to figure out which bulb has to be tightened in each strand so it will be lit again. I have now moved the tree to the spare room with the door shut. So I am not getting much enjoyment out of it. I put the tree on a timer so that at least passerbys on Bellflower would see my holiday cheer for five hours a night.

I went outside to take pictures. I could tell people passing by thought I was nuts. Turns out the tree was too low to see because of the "fencing" around my "deck." So I went inside and moved the tree up. I took another picture so you can see how feeble it looks from the street.

The other pictures are of my neighbors. They must have electricity on their decks which I do not. Maybe next year I'll call an electrician...


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