Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day USA

My Mother is the best. She routinely lets me celebrate Mother's Day later in the month (May 31 or should I say 31 mai?) via Fête des Mères (French Mother's Day!!)

Since she is still waiting for my very thoughtful gifts to arrive in the mail in time for Fête des Mères, I thought I would post some pictures of Mothers...

I took this picture of Mother and Grandma
 in our front yard in Marietta, GA in June 1987 when 
Grandma was visiting for my high school gradulation.

I took this picture of Mémère in a cafe in La Samaritaine
when I was vacationing in Paris with Jessica in July 1981. 


Vagabonde said...

Celine, you are lucky this year French Mother's Day is 7-June. French Mother's Day is celebrated the last Sunday of May unless it falls on the same Sunday as the Pentecost Sunday (Whitsunday in the UK)) which is the seventh Sunday after Easter. This year Pentecost is 31-May, so Mother's Day is 7-June. You can procrastinate one more week!

livininlb said...

Je suis très chanceux!