Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Social

We have a Social Committee for the condos where I live. This month they put on a Day of the Dead/Pumpkin Carving Party. These parties are always a LOT of fun because even though there are more than 500 units, it seems that mostly my neighbors show up. So it's like a block party or something. There are always plenty of drinks for the adults!

Some of the spooky food included cemetary brownies that my friend Maria made, popcorn in baggies that looked like skeletal hands and mice eating cheese. Of course, I used my candy corn tray again and there was a cool punch with finders and hands in it.

Crafts for the kids (and adults!) included skeleton making with wine corks, pumpkin carving and paper flowers.

Although I helped with other pumpkins, here is my Owl Jack O'Lantern. It was quite tedious but a margarita helped me power on!

I also made two paper flowers.

(You can click on any of the pictures to bigify.)


Arlene C said...

Wow, this looked like it was a lot of fun. Sorry we missed it.

KB said...

Thanks for all your help and patience with the pumpkin carving table!