Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guest post on Recollections of a Vagabonde

At my mother's request, I just published a guest post on her blog here. Check it out!


Friko said...

I saw your many owls, well, I have real tawney owls living in a tree in my garden and every night owls call to each other across the valley : to-whit to-whoo.

Nice to meet Vagabonde’s daughter.

livininlb said...

@Friko I am soooo jealous. The only time I've seen a real live owl is here at the Memphis zoo and although it was very pretty, it mad me so sad that it was in such a small, confined area. So sad. You are very lucky to get to enjoy them in the wild where they belong.
I thought I saw one in Long Beach, in a tree right in front of my deck but on closed inspection, it was a hawk. A big one, but a hawk.

Frances said...

Hello from New York where hurricane Sandy is expected to arrive later on today.

Thank you for your visit and comment. Like Friko, I have also been lucky to spot a little owl resting quietly resting in a little Central Park pine tree. I have passed by that same area many times in the years since that sighting...but never again did I see an owl.

I look forward to seeing your future posts, too.

Southern Sugar and Spice Girl said...

You need to come see me so we can go for an owl search in the country :) some great things can only be found when you are away from city lights! Great post from my IC!

Indigo Horizonte said...

I've just seen you have visited my blog. I had an aunt who loved owls.