Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So as some of you already know, I flew into FAT today!! FAT is the airport code for the Fresno airport. If you are afraid of flying, this would have been the worst. One seat on the left and two in the right. A bus took us to the plane (I didn't even know that they did that at LAX!) and the steps were the smallest that I've EVER taken to get onto a plane (including our corporate jets.)
Sitting behind me was a little girl that SCREAMED the whole flight. She was directly behind me and her screams were so sharp that they were causing pain to my right ear. Finally I asked her parents (who didn't seem to care at all how loud she was screaming in this small plane) if gum would help. It did. She stopped. However, the father took my whole unopened pack of Orbit gum (my fav) and didn't give it back. I meant one or two pieces but whatever, it was worth it to get her to shut up. The flight attendant gave me the thankful eyes. And a few people thanked me when we got off the plane.
Anyway, will keep you posted if anything else exciting happens here. (BTW, I can totally see why K-Fed married Brit to get out of here, ha, ha...)

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