Sunday, April 08, 2007

Van Nuys

I had a really long week. Tuesday afternoon, I drove to San Fernando, CA to give a presentation to Service Providers. I spent the night as I had a meeting the next morning at 7am down the street in Van Nuys. I tried taking a picture while I was there (and driving) by randomly sticking my phone out the window. In the first picture, I was trying to take the mountains but they are hard to see as it was getting dark. The second picture, as Father knows, is my special pet project that you can help with here:

After my meeting was over in Van Nuys, I had a meeting back in Orange County and had to take someone to the airport. I understand why people complain about LA traffic now. Good took forever (though I knew better that to take the 101 to the 405. I wanted the scenic view, which it was, and knew it would take longer.) Then, I made Jessica mad by calling Father in Ohio to tell him it was 80 degrees! Though if he's reading this, it did go down to 73 by the time I was in Orange, if that helps.

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