Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Disney Land is expensive

So, I went to Disney Land finally. I wasn't feeling well and only stayed until around 3 or 4 (though I did get there right when it opens at 10am.) It was a great day to go. It was chilly and a little drizzly. Really, I am not being sarcastic as it would seem. It was pretty crowded and I have to assume that it was a light day because you know that people from Southern CA are basically afraid of the rain.
So, I erroneously thought that I wasn't paying for entrance so I only had $40 with me to pay for incidentals, like gifts (sorry, that didn't happen). So imagine my surprise when I had to pay for either a $66 or $91 ticket for one day!! My friend wanted me to get the $91 pass which I guess also gets you into Adventure Land or some such thing. He has a season's pass so it was all free to him (though to be fair, I should note that he did pay for parking and bought me a slice of pizza.) Thank god that I brought a credit card (I think). Anyway, as I mentioned, I wasn't feeling well and had just been to the doctor the previous day and was on antibiotics (yes, I did go again and got stronger stuff and I am better now - so no worries. Just sinuses...) He had plans for us through midnight, which of course I didn't last through.

I would be happy to go back when I am feeling well and it really would be great to go with a child like Abby or Zack. It is a massive park; I didn't even see half of it. I guess you would have to go over several days and get some kind of package deal. I really don't know how people afford it. I guess it may be cheaper than a trip to Japan (yes, I still really want to visit Sanrio Puroland!! Although a daily ticket there is only 3000 yen.)
I took a few pictures. most of which turned out poorly. My favorite ride was based on Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. I had no idea that was a Disney movie. Now I want to see it (I have it on DVD but have never watched it.) They are playing it at the El Capitan in Hollywood in 3D so I am thinking about going...I am also thinking about copying their Christmas wreaths. They had wreaths made of red berries and then a skull on top. Cool, huh? I bet my HOA would LOVE to see that on my door! Click on the picture below and see an example of a cool wreath on the left side of the clock.

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