Thursday, May 15, 2008


On my way home from kickboxing class last night (which btw, kicked my butt!!), I snapped a picture of current gas prices at the CHEAP gas station on the corner of Bellflower and Atherton (a little over a mile from my place.) Unfortunately, my car only takes premium gas so that means I am paying over $4 a gallon!! On the bright side, I do get pretty good gas mileage.

I'd love to know, how much are you paying for gas in Ohio and Georgia? Let me know in the comments (which you don't have to sign in for anymore - so it should be super easy.)


Anonymous said...

I paid $3.89 at the station on Dallas Highway and the total was $45.80, the most I have ever paid for the Pontiac!

livininlb said...

It was $4.31 by my condo Saturday!!

Eric said...

I miss am/pm