Thursday, May 15, 2008

Purple Streets

I don't know what kind of trees these are but they are beautiful and in full bloom in Long Beach. This street is parallel to Bellflower, right across from the library and all the shopping centers. As I drove further down the street, the purple trees were on both sides of the street to where they were actually over me as I was driving. Very pretty.


Tamara G said...

They're jacarandas, I probably didn't spell that right. They are pretty but will cause all kinds of havoc because they leave a sticky mess on your car.

livininlb said...

Thanks Tamara. That is the correct spelling. If you do a search for "jacaranda and Long Beach" on the web, there are so many posts and pictures. I found this recent article from the LA Times:,0,3212410.story

King of Fools said...

I believe the street is Fiddler, off of Clark (Which is the next major street west of Bellflower).

I'm going to go look at them now, with my girlfriend, and will confirm later today where the trees live.


King of Fools said...

Yep... that was the street.

Except we went too late in the year.... I'm sure they were lovely in May.

livininlb said...

King of Fools: I believe you are correct!! Thanks for reading my blog; I guess I should post something new one of these days!