Sunday, September 07, 2008

Please get the FACTS

As usual I am behind in posts and have a few that I will work on over the next few days. Why am I behind? I have been immersed in all the media coverage of this presidential campaign.
Between being unemployed and worrying about my condo going into foreclosure, I am pretty much a national statistic.

I have friends who feel strongly on all sides of the issues so I will not use this blog to try and sway anyone to my thoughts about the candidates. (However, I will be happy to let you know my thoughts if you email me!!)

What I do want to stress is that no matter which way you end up voting, please take the time to get the true FACTS of the candidates' past records and current platforms. There is a lot of misinformation swirling around out there and some of it is even being propagated by the parties and mainstream media.

One site that I recommend is They are
nonpartisan and nonprofit. They list inaccuracies with both campaigns so no matter which side you are on, here you know you are getting the FACTS. (If you go to the home page today, you will see that the most recent posts are fact checking Republican convention and ads. This is only because it is most recent. Keep scrolling and you will see fact checking for Democrat ads too.)

Again, I have spent a lot of time reading about both sides and am happy to share my thoughts if asked...

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