Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saint-Pierre & Miquelon

Okay. I'll admit that before my parents told me about their trip I had no idea where this was. Of course, I do now!

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Here is the postcard that they sent me from there. It says "ARCHIPEL DE SAINT PIERRE ET MIQUELON - Plongeon sur la rue Abbe Pierre Gervain"

My parents wrote on the postcard that it is the Long Beach of the far North! That it is the same in many way except for the people, language, architecture, money & weather. Guess I'll have to check it out soon!

Lastly, even though I stopped stamp collecting when I was around nine years old, I couldn't help but notice the great stamp on the postcard so I scanned it too...

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O.T. Ford said...

The stamp is, indeed, very nice. It seems like an awfully small place to have three nuclear reactors, but I can see why they would be proud of them.

How many nuclear reactors does the St. Pierre et Miquelon of the central eastern Pacific have?