Monday, July 02, 2007

Big Cats

One of the really cool things that we did while we were on vacation in Tampa was to visit a place called the Big Cats Rescue. It was amazing. I think I may have to go everytime I am in Tampa. I would highly recommend it. You get so close to the cats! And to hear the stories of how they came to be rescued is just heartbreaking. (Yes, I teared up many times.) The pictures that I got are not so great but if you click on the lion picture above it will take you to the album. Hopefully, I can get pictures that Tinu and Father took and add to the album.
I bought a few things in the gift shop as everything goes to their non-profit organization. I bought the two cutest key chains pictures below. One is a snow leopard (for my snow leopard, Miska) and one is a lion (for my lion-cut Caj). I also bought a little goodie for my cat-sitter's cats to play with. I would highly recommend visiting there if you are ever in the area.
If you click on the key chain picture, it will take you the their website. It is chock full of info!

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