Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Jessica and I went to the most fabulous outlet mall in Tampa. We went in pouring rain and had to go over the tallest bridge I've been over yet (including all the CA and Miami ones!) I almost peed in my pants, I was laughing so hard as we went over. Jessica was TERRIFIED! We took a picture while going up the bridge with my camera phone but it was raining and dusk so it didn't come out that well. I've attached a stock photo next to it so you can really see it. Also, in case you are interested, here is an article about the disaster that happened in 1980 when part of the previous bridge was knocked down and many people died. It really was horrific. Mother said she remembers seeing it on the news.

*Note: Jessica took Tinu back over the bridge before they went to the airport. She said that it was much less scary with him. I'll see if I can get a quote from her to add here...*

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