Monday, July 02, 2007

Eating and vacationing...

We had lots of good eats while in Tampa. I took a few pictures with my camera phone but unfortunately, all the pics were taken after I had my frozen cocktails (so yes, they are a little blurry - sorry.)
Tinu, Jessica and I went to Crabby Bill's. It was awesome. Jessica had a Crab Trap and an Ultimate Sunburn. I can't remember what I had...though I did have my first ever conch fritters *yummy. There was a gift shop and Jess & I bought cute, crabby stuff. (Shocking, I know...)

Then ALL of us, yes Langston too, went to PJ's Seafood Restaurant. Again, great food and ambiance. Langston entertained us all with his scary eating of the honeycomb things. Again, these pictures were taken by me with my phone after a banana daquari and a pina colada (I think those were the drinks I had...).

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