Saturday, August 25, 2007

We watched the championship game!!

And it went into overtime. Truly fascinating. Plus, at every time out, we got to watch the dancin' dolls who had marvelously intricate moves!
Besides watching the basketball game in Venice Beach, Father and I also went to the Sidewalk cafe and each had our own Farmer's Almanac with fries (sorry Mother). What is a Farmer's Almanac, you ask? Only the best tuna fish sandwich in Venice Beach. We saw several performances (a strange knife juggler/comedian on a ladder, a bronze man and his bronze dog, and synchronized roller skating) and walked by interesting landmarks...see all the pictures here. (Again, taken with my camera phone so I apologize for the quality. I also resized these so they would be smaller so if you want any of the originals to print, email me please.)

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