Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Under the Grand Chapiteau

Sunday evening Father and I went to Inglewood (crazy, huh?) and saw the Cirque Du Soleil - Corteo. Corteo means cortege in Italian, which means a joyous procession. In this instance, the procession was actually celebrating the death of a clown while he watched from above with angels. Father's favorite act was a naked girl on a trapeze. Just checking if you were paying attention, it was not that kind of show. Father's real favorite act was "the acrobats". Now, I know what you are thinking...wow, he is so specific. Once I pressed him, he said he especially liked the high bar routines with 8 - 12 men swinging at the same time. (Note from Celine: it was so frightening that I could barely keep my eyes open. I kept waiting for them to hit each other as their bodies would swing into each other and miss by a few inches. It was amazing.)
My favorite was either the see-saw or the ladies hanging from chandeliers. They would hang by one foot and then go up that way over 100 ft in the air without any kind of wires or saftey net!!
Anyway, probably none of this makes sense to you so I invite you to come to see me and I'll take you. It will be playing out here through Feb. (You can click my tickets to go to website & see show times - LA and OC are equal distance to me - about 30 minutes, San Diego would be a little over an hour but would be a fun day!)

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