Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wicked at the Pantages...

was fantastic. It far exceeded our expectations. We also drove by Father's old stomping grounds, where he used to live off of Hollywood Blvd at Carlton Way. We couldn't find his old apartment so we assume that it was taken down (though there were some old buildings still there.) We did see the Hollywood sign on the hills. I remember the first time I saw it, that it took my breath away. This time I just barely noticed it.
As for the Pantages, Father said he used to watch movies there. It is beautiful and ornate inside. I tried to take a picture but no cameras were allowed and before I could click, I was admonished by an usher. I did take a picture inside the ladies' restrooms though.
If you ever get an opportunity to see Wicked, you MUST go see it. It is so clever. I wouldn't be surprised if they make a movie of it soon. Carol Kane was in it and also John Rubinstein. Plus there was a guy in it who used to be in Buffy, so that thrilled me!

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