Saturday, September 15, 2007

Last weekend's bonfire at Huntington Beach

I tried to get some pics of this as it was really cool to be on the beach with a fire going. As usual, they didn't turn out so well and you can't see much. Besides paying a modest amount for parking ($10), you can have your fire pit going for free on the beach. But the beach closes at 10pm (which seems to me to be pretty early on the weekend but whatever). The beach patrol comes around and scoots everyone out - reminded me of last call at a bar.
The kids there had never roasted marshmallows and did not know the subtle art of slowly heating through the center. They just stuck them in the fire to burn, blew them out and then ate them. They were burning their lips on the top layer and yet when they got to the center, it was stone cold. As there are no sticks or tree limbs on the beach to whittle, like when you are camping, everyone used metal hangers from people's dry cleaning. Too funny. Again, most of the kids (from Newport Beach so no surprises here) had not seen metal hangers and had no idea how to untwist them. See? Your childhood was much better than you thought!

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