Saturday, April 11, 2009

And speaking of calendars...

For Christmas, I gave to my parents and to the Ohio Thomases each a super expensive* calendar of Long Beach that is mostly pictures taken around my part (ahem, the good part) of Long Beach. This way every month they can reminisce about me and places we've been together in the LBC.

When Scott was here, we mimicked the January picture. While my parents were here, we were able to capture March and April.
Any volunteers for future months?

JANUARY (In front of the Bayshore library - 2nd Steet - Belmont Shores)

(The day we took Scott's picture it wasn't as clear as the calendar. If you look really closely, you can see the mountains in the background.)

MARCH (Rancho Los Cerritos)

Looks like we had much better sun than the calendar photographer!!

APRIL (Hilltop Park - Signal Hill overlooking Long Beach)
Obviously, we didn't take these pictures with the calendar in mind, so the shots aren't exactly the same. Can you find the oops??

*Okay, the calendars were actually free from the Gas Company, which is funny because I haven't used gas since I've lived in the LBC. (Yes, I have electric stove and electric water heater - but I digress.) I did have to drive over 4 miles to pick them up (more like beg for them) at the Gas Company...


Vagabonde said...

Very nice pictures - wish we were there still. Mother

livininlb said...

You need to come back for May pictures!