Monday, April 06, 2009


When I was at my parents house, I brought back a few things from my old bedroom. One of the most important was a Jacqueline Susann book that I HAD NOT READ. For those of you who really know me (and my worship of anything Valley of the Dolls ), you must be shocked. I should have warned you to sit down first. It is her first manuscript which was published posthumously. I guess I never read it because it was her first (and sadly, only) foray into science fiction or so I thought. I am not a big fan of that genre (sorry, Tinu). So I read it and I liked it - it was still a JS novel but maybe a little less sleazy and more romance novel-ly but still good. I could definitely tell that she wrote it in the 50's. (Too bad my copy isn't new...not that I could bare to part with it...)

It has been added to my wall/shrine. Believe it or not, I still have a few things to hang there!!

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