Friday, November 04, 2011

Fall is finally here!

My Mother has posted some nice fall pictures on her blog and my cousin,

Ken, posted some gorgeous fall photos on Facebook.

Click on pictures to bigify!

fall treesInspired, I walked around my condo and took these photos.

This is as “fall” as it gets here in Long Beach. Some evenings I have to wear pants instead of shorts and use a blanket on the bed but then during the afternoons, shorts are still a must. But I do feel like it is slowly getting  cooler.

Speaking of fall or autumn, I found a guest towel on sale at Michael’s and was inspired to whip up a cute fall towel. I have loads of thread that I have bought at Estate sales. The problem with these is that many colors don’t have any identification on them or are from defunct companies. Therefore, they can’t really be used with specific patterns.

There are several French blogs that I follow for their nice, free cross stitch designs. My favorite is Gazette 94; I decided to use one of her designs. It has everything I love – pumpkins, squirrels, mushrooms, and acorns!

I cut out the images that I wanted to use and taped them together into a long line. Then I went through all my thread and picked cute colors. On the leaf and the small mushroom, I combined two colors so if you look at it in person it is a very subtle, cool effect.

towel suppliesThis was a relatively quick and easy project that will now be a cute hand towel in my guest bathroom for the Thanksgiving celebration I am hosting. Nice, huh?
finished towel

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gazette94 said...

Hello Celine, it is such a pleasure to read your post, your hand-towel is perfect !Autumn is such a lovely season! I fell very honored that you choose my pattern for it !Thank you for all the nice words about my blog..
I am french, like your mum, but my husband is Scottish, and we live in Paris. Best regards, Claire (gazette94)