Sunday, November 13, 2011

It’s Your World, Squirrel

two squirrels
Many squirrels reside on the grounds of our condos. They are well fed, unafraid of humans or cats, and have lots of offspring. I have many stories about these lively squirrels but will spare you for fear of becoming known as that crazy squirrel lady. Here is a picture of two of them hanging out in the tree in front of my deck. (Can you find them? Click on picture to bigify.)

They create endless hours of fascination for my cats (and sometimes myself - the young ones are so cute.) Last year they created havoc on my Halloween pumpkin.
cute babypumpkin eater
Jem eyes squirrel
feed me
So I after seeing this picture on flickr, I decided to copy it but with a twist. I stitched this cute little thing in a weekend and after I was done, I got the pattern emailed to me! That would have made it a lot easier but I am so impatient…
it's your screen
So you are wondering why did I choose the words “It’s Your Screen Squirrel”??
See below for a daily occurrence.

screen squirrels
Thinking about all these squirrels gave me an idea when Karen made chicken pot pies. They should have a squirrel on them!

She was gracious enough to use my cookie cutter on her delicious pies!
fall pot pie

I bet by now you are probably thinking that I am  a crazy squirrel lady….
staring me down


Vagabonde said...

At first when I read you post I thought you said “they should have a squirrel ‘in” them” - your pot pies that is. I thought you’d have a heck of a time to do that (don’t think hunting is allowed in your condo garden…) Then I reread it and saw that the squirrel was on top of you potpies. Looks very yummy.

livininlb said...

Eek! No squirrels were harmed in this post (although I think some of my neighbors would be happy if I HAD put them in the pies!)