Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dixie Cups

Isn't funny how something seemingly innocuous can bring back a flood of memories?

My friend Carolyn sells real estate in her spare time. Tonight a few of us helped her do some cleaning in a house that she is selling. When I cleaned the bathroom, I saw these "Dixie" cups hanging in the bathroom. I immediately thought of my Grandma's house on Merchant Avenue. When I was a little kid staying with her, I loved brushing my teeth because it meant that I got my own Dixie cup, each time!! I haven't seen these since. One of my other friends said that her Grandma had them in her bathroom too.

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O.T. Ford said...

I don’t recall actually liking to brush my teeth more on Merchant Avenue; but the little cups did mitigate the experience. And of course there were plenty of other excuses to go into the bathroom and get a drink of water.

And as I remember it now, even a five-year-old can crush a Dixie cup with one hand, so that was another of their charms.