Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm baaack!

Wow! When I was in Ohio last week, Ruth said that she could not pull up any posts past June. I looked into it and discovered it was because I haven't posted anything since then. So, I sincerely apologize to anyone who regularly reads this (all 5 of you - ha!) I have lots of things to post about so over the next week, I will start randomly adding them.
The day I left for Ohio (July 29th), there was an earthquake in Chino Hills, CA. Chino Hills is in an area that I call the Inland Empire. It is about 35 miles away from me. See the map below.

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Anyway, it was a 5.4 I think. Not too big but big enough that people in Long Beach could definitely feel it. When I had my layover, many people from all over the US had either emailed or texted me to call home. Thanks to everyone for their concern. Everything (except my coat closet) in my condo was fine. I didn't even discover it until this morning. I guess the weight of all my heavy coats (sniff, sniff - that I never get to wear here) was too much when combined with the movement. Boring damages, I know...

This is as much as I could open the door.

I am guessing you can figure this one out!

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